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Baked fresh
with Redman.

Original Cannabis Infused Cookie Mixes.


Our Story 
With Cookies

Welcome to the world of Redibles! Where your cannabis infused edibles are extra chewy and freshly baked right out of the oven. Started in 2021 by a small group of friends and family with the idea of creating an edible company that valued the health of its employees and customers. Using only gluten free, non-gmo, and all natural ingredients while still offering the great smell and taste that reminds you of your childhood. Bake up a fresh batch and get baked today!

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What's In Our Cookie?

With our Original Cookie Recipe we managed to make the best chocolate chip mix that is ready to bake and mix with our signature Cannabis Infused Oil.  All you need to add is an egg and water. For all our vegan friends, replace the egg with saturated chia seeds and three tbsp of water. Our ready to bake mix is Gluten Free and Non GMO ensuring that every baker is able to enjoy our mix. Feel free to get creative and mix in whatever extra ingredient toppings that you would like!

Committed to
"High" Quality

After teaming up with Redman, we spent hours perfecting the baking formula and after dozens of taste sessions, we were able to create the perfect cookie mixture.  With Cannabis Infused Oil made locally in Southern California we made sure everything was met to our highest standards.

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